Crisis Management Consulting

Together with our partner Control Risks we also have extensive experience in various operational sectors and businesses, which makes us well equipped to understand different challenges within Risk and Crisis Management. This means that in addition to assisting with the implementation of our software, we can also provide professional consultancy services.


Crisis Management

The foundation of modern crisis management is an awareness of the assets your organisation needs to protect, a robust plan for preventing incidents, contingency plans that cover both what we know can happen and the unthinkable, and a response team that is thoroughly trained on how to act when a crisis occurs. Our consultants can help you get started when structuring your emergency response organisation so that responding to an incident becomes second nature.


Comprehensive crisis management addresses all elements of a crisis situation from the first line to the third line, where the emergency response organisation manages incidents on a tactical, operational and strategic level to safeguard the interests of affected parties, victims, the media, customers, suppliers, the general population, employees and the community. Crisis management is about protecting the assets of both society and the organisation and limiting losses to quickly return to “normal” and resume daily operations.


Our consultants have experience in building small and large emergency response organisations, enabling them to handle critical situations with our market-leading professional crisis management software, CIM.


Risk Management

A safety management system is a process that should contribute to safeguarding the organisation’s assets against unforeseen events. A good process should include a number of phases, such as planning, risk assessments and analyses, implementing measures, follow-up, control and reporting. Our consultants have extensive professional and practical experience in building processes and procedures, as well as special expertise in the implementation and use of CIM as a management system.


Quality Management

A quality management system describes how an organisation manages its processes or activities to deliver goods and/or services that satisfy customer requirements for quality. Both the public and private sectors have a strong focus on quality and internal procedures. One way that CIM fulfils this need is by describing and visualising work processes, procedures and routines. Our certified consultants will lead you through the task of identifying and analysing processes for managing your quality output.


Civil Protection

Civil protection is defined as society’s ability to maintain important societal functions and safeguard the lives, health and basic needs of the population during various types of events. Never before has there been such a strong need to maintain an overview of and focus on our surroundings. Through our partnership with the public sector and our national emergency network DSB-CIM, we contribute to a comprehensive national emergency response organisation. The DSB-CIM platform helps to strengthen the national principles of equality, proximity, responsibility and cooperation. Our safety and emergency response management system, CIM, is the cornerstone of Norway’s civil protection, with warning systems, resource inventories, logs and national reporting templates.


Emergency Response Training and Exercises

Exercises, repetitive training and adapting contingency plans gives us peace of mind that we have the ability to handle crisis situations. Our consultants will collaborate with your organisation to prepare you for unexpected incidents. We have a particular focus on ensuring safety rather than controlling and identifying weaknesses and we believe that small and repetitive activities based on your analyses and plans will give you the capabilities you need when faced with a crisis.


Research shows that most people will fall back on their daily performance levels when a crisis occurs. Therefore, it is important that everyone in the emergency response organisation is trained and familiar with his or her roles and responsibilities. We will help you set up training plans, training guidelines and scenarios for your emergency response drills and assist you in the implementation process with our experienced role-playing team. Our consultants can also contribute to a comprehensive competence development plan as part of your safety and emergency response management system in CIM.


Event Management

There are an increasing number of events in public spaces, such as festivals, concerts and other mass gatherings of people and CIM is widely used to handle the risk, safety and response efforts of event planners internationally. We work with organisations such as the International Olympic Committee to ensure that a common operating picture is available at all times, regardless of where your team members are in the world.