Webinar: Building a national crisis management system

WEBINAR: One Voice and the Norwegian Government

When a huge Tsunami struck the coastlines of multiple continents on Boxing Day 2004, thousands of Norwegian citizens were travelling for business and pleasure throughout the affected areas. Tragically, 84 of those lost their lives alongside the hundreds of thousands of others of different nationalities.

In situations such as these, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for coordinating the response and assisting citizens in the affected areas. During the response to the tsunami, the ministry came under fire for perceived errors in communication, information gathering and interaction with families and next-of-kin. A thorough review identified the need for a web-based software system and CIM, by One Voice, was chosen as the weapon of choice for the future of foreign crisis management.

Since then, CIM has been adopted throughout the public and private sectors in Norway, leading to the creation of what can be described as the world’s first ‘national crisis management system’ and the concept of CIM Connected. Local, regional and central government departments use the same software tool as providers of critical national infrastructure and when things don’t go to plan, information can be shared between those solutions seamlessly.

Click here to read the case study on how Norway has connected likeminded professionals and given a whole new meaning to the words ‘mutual aid’.

Read the story about the development of the national crisis management system, CIM Connected, here.

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