New Insight: Implementing a Crisis Management System Within a Large Organisation

In today’s hyper-connected business arena, reputation is king. Organisations live and die by public perception and with the modern-day ubiquity of social media, maintaining a positive online footprint is challenging – infinitely more so when combatting a crisis.

For this reason, incident and crisis management is essential – especially for large organisations. Not only does effective emergency planning help businesses reduce the fallout after an incident – safeguarding valuable assets and data – but a well-handled crisis can actually be a boon to a company’s reputation.

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However, implementing a crisis management system is often considered a sizeable task, and one that carries the trepidation of business disruption. Here, we explore this phenomenon, and deliver a practical example of how Norway’s Fredrikstad Municipality managed to introduce incident and crisis management software successfully.

If you’d like to listen to Fredrikstad Municipality’s Head of Emergency Management, Ole Bøklepp, share his valuable insight – you can view the video below. Or, if you'd prefer to read how the Fredrikstad Municipality were able to implement incident and crisis management system, CIM, there is additional information below.

Fredrikstad Municipality Crisis Management Implementation

Situated in south-east Norway and home to 80,000 citizens, Fredrikstad is a city and municipality in Østfold county.

With an administration that now employs over 5500 people, the organisation is both vast and complex. However, when implementing incident and crisis management software, the municipality was able to avoid significant disruption by choosing best-in-class software, CIM.

Fredrikstad Municipality’s Head of Emergency Management, Ole Bøklepp, explained why:

"We began with the Risk Assessment Module – an overhaul of our existing risk assessment process that was long overdue.

It was a good choice as the work that comes out of a risk assessment was easy to understand and develop."

By taking a modular approach to adoption – a specific trait of CIM – the Fredrikstad Municipality was able to stagger the implementation of the incident and crisis management system, thus avoiding any disruption that would have been caused by a complete overhaul of existing systems.

The Personal Touch

Today, in the Fredrikstad Municipality, 300-350 people use CIM on a daily basis – all of whom are able to interact seamlessly with one another thanks to the tool’s functionality and customisability.

However, to achieve this level of communication, a customised version of CIM was required to meet the requirements of the Fredrikstad Municipality Administration team – a service readily available.

Ole Bøklepp said:

“I think the major thing that you have to do before beginning with CIM is to tailor the product to your organisation.”

“CIM has indirectly helped us to develop our internal crisis management structure into three distinct levels. Whereas, at the beginning, each crisis went directly to the top, we have emergency plans and checklists for every step, and see that, because of this, far fewer incidents are ever escalated.”

Setting the Standard for Crisis Management

CIM has helped Ole Bøklepp and the Fredrikstad Municipality to manage incidents and crises more effectively, and has even given rise to a change in crisis management structure response, which is now far more efficient.

Ole Bøklepp signed off with this sentiment:

“CIM allows us to keep everything in one place, we don’t have to switch between programmes or look for documents. Everything is kept centralised so if a question arises or a checklist isn’t complete – we can do it all in CIM.”

“The quality of the incident and crisis management exercises are far higher now, with CIM, we have everything we need in one place.”

Complete Incident and Crisis Management

CIM from One Voice is a comprehensive system for security, preparedness, and crisis management. To learn more about how leading businesses rely on CIM for incident and crisis management, planning, and response, why not read our case studies. Or, if you’d like to discover how well your organisation would cope in a crisis, take our free test

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By Attallah McKay

Attallah is the Senior Account Manager for One Voice UK. She works closely with One Voice’s UK based clients, especially those in the Oil & Gas, Aviation and Local Authorities industries. Attallah has worked with Incident and Emergency solutions for the last 3 years and has a marketing degree from Aston University.

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