Join us at BCI World 2018!

BCI World is an annual international conference and free exhibition, bringing together more than a 1,000 continuity and resilience professionals to network, share best practices and hear how industry leaders are delivering the latest thinking into their organizations.

We will be presenting at the BCI World conference, which takes place the 6th and 7th November. Hope to see you there!


Attallah McKay from One Voice will be presenting the exhibition seminar "How to prevent 'Chinese whispers' in a crisis", on Tuesday 6th at 12 pm.

During a crisis, real time information is vital for making critical decisions. However, we have often found that businesses are using manual or paper-based methods to collect and share information. This can often lead to miscommunication and delayed decision making.

In this seminar we will provide a fresh perspective on how our crisis management system CIM, can support effective information management and stop ‘Chinese whispers’ happening when a crisis takes place.

Stop by our stand to meet the whole team.




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