Simplifying Crisis Management for Nordland County

Johnny Brodersen, Head of Quality and Emergency Response for Nordland County, tells us how CIM has helped his vast team better prepare for crises.

Norland is one of Norway's largest counties by area, made up of over 40 individual municipalities. This county's responsibilities include:

  • The provision of secondary education
  • Looking after public dental health
  • Operating cultural institutions
  • Maintaining highways
  • Promoting the development of commerce

Due to the area's size, the team in charge of running the county is large and located many miles apart. It was crucial to their operations that they found a crisis management tool that could unify these dispersed team members.

Introducing CIM to the Team

Johnny told us that when CIM was first introduced, there was a presumption amongst his team that it would be more of a hindrance than a help. People thought it would be "just another system we have to deal with."

"Therefore, it was important that whichever system we introduced actually simplified people's lives, especially in relation to handling a crisis."

Johnny understands that during crisis situations, time and information are limited resources. He said, "we needed an easy-to-use tool that doesn't require much training," so it could be put into effect straight away. "CIM is an advanced system, but it can be greatly simplified for our users. We don't need to spend too much time training our staff how to use it."

A Robust Toolbox

From logging actions taken during a crisis to making it easier to handle the media, CIM's long-list of modular features means it's a veritable toolbox of incident management solutions.

"The opportunity to do more with CIM is always there. It's a great toolbox that I can use for practically anything I want and build on as I please."

You can watch our full interview with Johnny by clicking here. If you're interested in seeing for yourself how CIM could benefit your organisation's crisis management efforts, request a demo today.  New call-to-action

By Andrew Carvell

Andy is the Managing Director of One Voice’s international business, based in London and has worked with incident and crisis management solutions since 2010. He has a particular focus on the aviation and energy sectors and works closely with One Voice’s partner Control Risks to broaden the service offering of both parties. Andy has a degree in law from the University of Nottingham and outside of work, enjoys rugby, golf and outdoor pursuits.

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