Incident and Crisis Management in CIM

When the unexpected happens, it is too late to make plans there and then. No one can fully prevent incidents from happening, but with well-structured preparedness you can limit the damage, take care of those involved and ultimately reduce the impact on your business.


The way that your business handles a crisis can directly affect the damage done to people, property and the environment, as well as limiting the reputational damage that often results.


CIM provides the platform for businesses to plan for, manage and review incidents and crises in a structured and user-friendly environment. The system removes the barriers presented by traditional crisis management processes and increases the speed, availability and transparency of information shared between different teams and team members.

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Effective Incident and Crisis Management

What does it look like?


Relevant, accurate and timely information is the lifeblood of the crisis management team and no matter how good your team is, it is essential that they have the right tools in place to enable this. For many years, unwieldy spreadsheets, telephone trees and flipcharts were considered the norm, however in today’s hyper-connected world it is essential that organisations move towards tools that allow them to keep up with the speed at which information now travels.


CIM features a number of modules to help you manage information more effectively during the response to an incident, regardless of the size and complexity of the business. The system provides:

  • The ability to create, administer and update your emergency and crisis management plans, which can be fully embedded into the system
  • A comprehensive notification and mobilisation tool, allowing you to communicate via email, SMS and voice both internally and externally
  • Role-based checklists for different incident types
  • A full chronological running log
  • Task distribution and management
  • The ability to build a situational picture in real-time
  • Tools for handling casualties and next-of-kin
  • A full media enquiry and press-release management tool
  • Customisable reports for post-crisis review and audit purposes

We recognise that not all teams operate in the same way, so as an administrator you can tailor CIM to suit your business, alongside help from us.


Filtered Information Display

A complete log of all response activity can become overbearing and unmanageable as the event progresses. To combat this, CIM provides our customers with the ability to create information boards, which are filtered views of the log based on the requirements of each role. These information boards can be created quickly and are often used to display on projectors, screens or smart boards in a crisis room.


Secure Access, Whenever and Wherever You Need It

Crises often hit when we least expect it, therefore it is important that any tools we use are accessible and secure, 24/7. CIM can be accessed from any internet enabled device, including smart phones and tablets, for which we also provide a mobile app for easy authentication.


As a software provider for local and national government, energy, aviation and critical national infrastructure, we operate strict internal and external quality and security policies. Read more about these here

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Modules in CIM

CIM is a modular system and customers can pick and choose which of the 40 modules they feel suits their business best. Some of these, such as the Action Cards and Log modules are used by all customers, whereas some have been created for specific industries which face particular challenges and risks. On this site you will find an overview of the core modules within CIM - please click on each one to find out more.