Action cards

F24 Tiltakskort

When an incident occurs, it is imperative that members of your response team have easy access to relevant, up to date and structured actions. Traditionally, these were kept in unwieldy ring-bound folders and neglected or unused in a response.


CIM provides the capability to create, administer and distribute checklists/action cards which are based on, for example, the incident type or severity of the issue at hand. Each team member is presented only with those actions which relate to their role, encouraging a disciplined and focused response effort. Furthermore, CIM can be accessed from mobile phones, tablets and laptops, meaning that people can access vital guidelines from wherever they are.


The Action Card module provides you with the tools to:

  • Create sets of action cards for different incident types, locations or severities- these can be pulled directly from up-to-date plans in the Plan module if required
  • Automatically assign action cards to certain roles or functions
  • Monitor the status of actions and any information associated with them
  • Configure pre-set actions, including the ability to mobilise the team or send an alert directly from an action