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The main purpose of the Assignment module is to provide overview and better management on assignments that are performed in connection with incident management, or as part of daily operations, or in periodic tasks.

The assignments module provides a high level of control of resource management with status overview, logging and reporting on status and state.

Features of the module are, for example:

  • Allocate participants, as resources and contacts to assignments
  • Report and update status of assignments
  • Report status per participant and for all participants
  • Keep a record of each assignment and for individual participants, both during and after an assignment is completed and completed
  • Start assignments, update status and retrieve status reporting
  • Close assignments, regardless of the status of the assignment participants
  • Automatic reminders about status reporting
  • Overview and update for changes in participant status and assignment status
  • View updated history
  • Obtain status of participant in an assignment through status reporting, with information about participant status and placement
  • Generate reports and periodic summaries of existing assignments