Basic log

F24 Basic Log

The Basic Log is used to record log entries or incident records for many different purposes, including security, health and safety or facts and observations during an exercise or audit. A basic log is ‘incident independent’, meaning that it is not associated with an ongoing issue that uses action cards, tasks and the log etc.


The module can be customised and configured based on the information that you wish to record, allowing you to digitalise recording processes and keep all business resilience information in one place.


As with all other modules in CIM, you as an administrator define who can access what and also which functionality is available when the log is created.


The Basic Log also allows you to:

  • Send a notification when a basic log is created (email, SMS, voice)
  • Log the item to a specific incident if required
  • Automatically pull up action cards when a basic log item is created
  • Export all basic log items to Word or Excel