F24 E-postkasse

A crisis has no working hours. Often we see crises coming at the worst times, at night, during the holidays or when it's blowing up to a storm.

In the event of an incident occurring, in most cases you will need to do one or more of the following; Notify and inform employees, call external resources, send important information to customers and suppliers, call for critical meetings and telephone conferences.

With pre-defined distribution lists for the incident, templates that define the content that should be included in the statement - you can do this in seconds. CIM is available from all mobile platforms so you can mobilize your emergency personnel in seconds, with your mobile phone from the cabin.

In CIM, you can send information both internally and externally. Information can be sent to individuals or groups, the system keeps track of who has received what. From CIM you can send information such as text message, voice mail and e-mail. Recipients can be added manually in connection with the statement, or through pre-defined distribution lists. You also receive the response of the recipients in the system and you can keep updated about the status of sent information.


In the Email module you can receive and send email directly in CIM. Email boxes can be set up with access control based on roles and unique users, and shared mailboxes can be set up. You can enable automated log entries based on emails, such as for messages sent from a special email address.
You can log emails directly to an incident, you can forward to contacts, resources, organizations, and distribution lists to be notified or informed. You can register your email messages as media requests, such as logins in the media log, and register your feedback.

With CIM E-mail you have:

  • Quick and easy handling of messages
  • Predefined templates, forms and distribution lists
  • Tools for maintenance and updating of lists
  • Overview of response to messages
  • All messages are logged automatically
  • Mobile access regardless of time and place
  • Opportunities for population alert and position-based alert