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Your CIM can be set up to differentiate between different incident types and severity levels. These are tailored to your organisation's processes and work methods. An incident may belong to one or more incident types, and the incident type can be changed as the incident develops. The severity of the incident can be upgraded or downgraded, depending on the situation.


Multiple incidents may be active in CIM at the same time, however as an individual user, you can only work with one incident at a time.


Many modules in CIM are incident-driven. This means that the information displayed in these modules is filtered so that it is always shows information (logs, reports, documents, messages, and so on) associated with the incident you are currently working on, that is showing. This allows you to concentrate your efforts on what is important NOW.


The handling of an event is usually linked to:

  • Registration, sending and administration of various types of information. For example, logs, reports and documents
  • Execution of various actions. For example, sending messages, assigning and executing tasks, and taking actions