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A major problem in many businesses is that a lot of time is spent on implementation, documentation and follow-up of meetings. Meetings may be perceived as poorly prepared and unstructured, and many may feel that participating is not a valuable use of their time. In addition, how can you ensure that reports, decisions and follow-up tasks are efficiently noted and distributed?


With CIM Meeting you can organise and conduct almost any type of meeting, including both emergency and day to day occurrences. Each type of meeting can have its own meeting template with structured agenda items, attachments and tasks.


In the module you can:

  • Schedule
  • Invite
  • Create and use templates for structure and efficiency
  • Keep track of who has attended
  • Distribute and monitor tasks
  • Send reports

ALL activity is logged. For each type of meeting, you can search the reports and related tasks, taking the administrative burden away from your team.