F24 Plan

CIM’s Plan module provides an environment in which our clients can create, manage and distribute different types of contingency/crisis/emergency management plans, in what could be called dynamic pages. What this means is that the module is designed to hold plans in folder structures and includes access control so that different roles and functions within your business can be assigned permissions to view, add, edit and review particular parts of the plan.


Plans can also be integrated into a response- action cards that form part of a plan can be activated for use with different incident types and mobilisation notifications can be built in elements of the same. This functionality also allows you to link important documents to certain parts of a plan, such as regulatory reporting templates or forms.


It is all too common for an organisation’s plans to gather dust on a shelf somewhere, never to be reviewed in line with changing requirements, regulations and environments. CIM’s Plan module enables your organisation to set expiry dates, revision periods and automated reminders for different individuals assigned responsibility for a part of the plan. This has proven extremely successful for clients that do not have a dedicated crisis/emergency team, but rely on different business units maintaining their own plans and procedures.


The Plan module can be used in both live and exercise mode, which encourages regular testing, review and continuous improvement.