F24 Påminnelse

We all need to be reminded of our tasks, especially when dealing with stressful situations and CIM’s Reminder module provides an easy way to schedule these prompts across multiple devices. These can be sent to one or more selected recipients, groups or specific roles, depending on the requirements of your organisation.


Nowadays, system prompts may not provide the best solution for this and CIM allows you to schedule and send reminders via more proactive methods such as email or SMS. Reminders can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, annually, for a specific period of time, or on selected dates.


One common way that CIM customers use this functionality is for reminding individuals that they are about to be on-duty. The Duty Roster module knows that if a person is, for example, due to be on-duty the next day, that they should be sent an SMS as a reminder.


Find out more about the Duty Roster here.