F24 Kalender

Many people use calendars on a daily basis, but often a calendar that is shared between different parts of an organisation can be a useful tool for managing events and resources when an incident occurs. Departments such as HSE, emergency management and risk management can often work closely together and CIM is used cross functionally by many of our customers.


CIM’s Resilience Calendar can be tailored based on your requirements and is used to plot significant events such as exercises, audits and periods of business activity which may impact the organisation more significantly than usual. In combination with other parts of CIM such as the duty roster, the calendar ensures that when something planned or unplanned happens, you can horizon scan for anything that might impact the way in which your team is able to react. This is all available for review, enabling you to view a calendar years’ worth of incidents, exercises and other significant happenings.


Calendars can also be exported into iCalendar format for integration with other common calendar programs and can be shared on an outward facing web page for those who might not have a login to CIM.