When an incident occurs, in some situations it will be crucial to locate those who may be involved or reach out to those affected with information or instructions on what to do.


CIM structures all available information to provide a simple and clear picture of the situation. Regardless of whether the incident is planned for, correct understanding of the situation, and having access to all relevant information is crucial for making the right decisions and taking appropriate action.


CIM has tried and tested functionality to quickly notify your personnel and others involved via SMS, email or voice messages. With SmartHelp, you can also quickly and accurately locate persons of concern, and even start a web-based chat with them. Unlike other solutions, SmartHelp does not require any pre-installation of a program by the recipient, but allows them to use common, familiar methods of communication. As a user, you are presented with a clear picture of what’s going on, regardless of the recipient count.


With an overview of the individual's position, you have a situational picture that visualizes who is in the vicinity of the incident. You know who is out of danger and thus can be used as a resource to aid the response.


SmartHelp makes it easy to set up groups, such as sorting those who are close to those needing help or follow-up, and those who are safe and need information. SmartHelp also gives you an overview of those who have not responded, and therefore need to be monitored more closely.


With SmartHelp you can set up a secure and encrypted chat channel, which simplifies the communication between you as an employer and those you should assist. SMS has its limitations when you want to communicate quickly with more than one person at a time and the chat function in SmartHelp allows you to overcome these barriers. No pre-installation is required by the recipient to use this functionality, with the only requirement being that the phone is on and connected to the internet. You can communicate directly with all affected, no matter where in the world they are.


SmartHelp allows you to:

  • Save time
  • Rapidly notify and receive replies from affected personnel
  • Easily and effectively communicate with those in need
  • Quickly dedicate your resources to those who need it