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The Tasks module is a key part of CIM’s standard functionality and is the tool used to assign tasks that arise during an incident- these are different to action cards, which are defined prior to any incident taking place. There are a number of ways in which tasks can be allocated including as part of a log item, media request, risk assessment or next of kin follow-up.


CIM is flexible enough for you to assign a task either to an individual user, or to all users that are part of a certain role. At the same time, a deadline can be set on the task which will alert the user should that deadline expire. Other useful features include:

  • ‘Facebook-style’ notifications when a user is assigned a task
  • The ability to send a user a link to their task via SMS, which will take them straight to it
  • Linking a task to a log item or piece of information
  • Automatic email reminders when a task is close to expiry
  • Full mobile device compatibility
  • Attach documents, plans, photos or other files to a task
  • The ability to reassign a task to another user or role as required

It’s impossible to predict each task that will arise during a response, but using both the Action Card and Tasks modules within CIM, you can ensure that the right people have the right information, at the right time.