F24 Arbeidsflate

Workspace gives you unique flexibility to combine existing content into practical workspaces with the shortcuts, content and functions your role requires.


With role controlled workspaces you can customise the content with information associated with the function, for example for operations leaders, crisis leaders, leaders for evacuation and relocation centers and so on.


You can configure as many Workspaces as you wish, which may include:

  • details about the current incident
  • log items from the current incident
  • quick log function
  • information from the Task module
  • work with a task directly
  • action cards with search functionality
  • update statuses on action cards
  • information from Basic log
  • add new log items to Basic log
  • detail view, open and update Basic log items
  • information board elements
  • web page content via external link
  • content from surveillance cameras or live images (e.g. from drones)

You can set up Workspace as its own menu item. Read and administrator rights are role-controlled.


An administrator can set up panels, resize, position and edit the properties of the content. The information a user can view and work with in a workspace panel is determined by the access rights the user has in the menu item from which a panel retrieves information.