• Vy

    Vy (formerly NSB) is a leading Nordic mobility provider, with passenger trains, buses, freight and travel operations in Norway and Sweden.

    Vy currently operates on a total of 26 local, intercity and regional train routes, serving 375 stations, including the largest towns and cities in Norway. VY trains were used for more than 70.7 million journeys in 2018.

  • West Sussex County Council

    How implementing CIM helped West Sussex County Council Resilience and Emergencies improve efficiency and reduce incident response time.
  • Fredrikstad Municipality

    Fredrikstad Municipality's Head of Emergency Management, Ole Bøklepp share his valuable insight on how the Municipality were able to implement a new Crisis Management System for all the Municipality's administration, which employ around 5 500 people.
  • Nord University

    Nord University has succeeded in implementing a more proactive crisis management methodology, thanks to the use of the CIM Meeting module. Crisis management meetings are now organised and conducted based on templates, facilitating structure and efficiency. The module also keeps track of those who have attended, decisions that have been made, and tasks are distributed and monitored.

  • The Norwegian Food Safety Authority

    CIM has helped The Norwegian Food Safety Authority manage information more effectively during the response to incidents and made it easier to collaborate and report both internally and with other authorities.
  • Nordland County

    Jonny Brodersen, the Head of Quality and Emergency Response for Nordland County on why CIM was chosen as a tool for emergency preparedness and crisis management, and the challenges they faced when implementing a new system across all units in the county.

  • Avinor

    Integrating multiple CIM installations into one CIM for all Avinor airports has resulted in better information flow and control for incident and crisis management.

    Every single incident is now documented and accessible from the same database.

  • The University of Bergen

    The University of Bergen, Norway has piloted CIM Electronic Field Cards to keep track of students and staff participating on fieldwork and research cruises.

  • CIM Connected

    This is the story of how an incident with a national impact made way for new thinking in public crisis management. It’s a system with two main structures: From a national perspective, a network of governmental bodies are grouped in several crisis management clusters.

  • The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue

    For 125 years, the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue has saved lives along Norway's long and perilous coastline. Always ready for new missions, the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue relies on good logistics and being in a state of continuous readiness.

  • Frøya Municipality

    Head of Emergency Management in Frøya Municipality, Marit Norborg gives her insight on how their crisis management system CIM helped them in handling the crisis when a huge fire tore the main island on a cold January day in 2014.

  • The Tall Ships Races

    Imagine that you are organizing a huge festival in which safety and security are the foremost priorities. How will you keep track of several thousand guests and hundreds of boats in a few hectic days?