The respondents in this study are a wide range of security professionals from across different industries. The report is not only trying to chart the security situation and prevalence of IT security incidents, but also contribute to raising expertise and assistance in preventive efforts.

Some key findings:

  • Businesses lack an overview of costs attributed to security incidents, costs that are estimated to be billions each year 
  • Six out of ten have over the past year completed activities to improve the security awareness of their employees
  • Less then half (48  %) of the businesses have made improvements in their privacy and information security efforts as a result of GDPR 
  • Most IT incidents are related to viruses and malware, where 21% of the respondent businesses have suffered such incidents during 2017
  • There is a clear rise in businesses exposed to phishing, hacking attempts and actual hacking
  • 67 % of the businesses that experienced IT related incidents believe that they happened due to chance or bad luck...

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The study has been carried out on behalf of the Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council, collating responses from over 1500 organisations in both the public and private sectors.  

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