Privacy Statement and Terms of Use for F24's Digital Channels

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

One Voice Software Ltd. is a subsidiary of F24 Nordics AS. F24 Nordics is responsible and committed to protecting your personal information. The Privacy Statement and Terms of Use (these are commonly referred to as the "Terms") apply to our websites and other digital services such as blog, email subscription and registration of information through forms ("digital channels").
The Terms govern everything we do in terms of collection, processing and use of date, as well as your right to access, change and delete personal information. By using our digital channels, you agree to these terms.
If you disagree with the practices described in the Terms, you should avoid using our digital channels.

This version (v2.0) has been updated on January 28th 2020.


A. Privacy Statement

1. Terminology

Here we define some important concepts:

  • Personal information is any information that may be directly or indirectly linked to you as an individual. See the section "What personal information do we handle?" for information about what personal information we are dealing with.
  • Anonymous information is information where we have removed all identifiable items so that it is no longer possible to associate the information with you as an individual.
  • The processing of personal data is any use of personal data, including collection, storage, modification, assembly, extraction and deletion.
  • Our "digital channels" include our websites and other digital services such as blogs, email subscriptions and registration of information through forms.

2. How do we collect personal information?

The information we collect about you depends on which of our digital channels you use, as well as what information you provide during a service purchase, registration or other engagement with us.
We collect personal information:

  • You register, for example when you buy or sign up for our services, subscribe to our newsletters and blogs, fill out a form, or contact us.
  • Which is automatically detected when you use our digital channels.

You are not required to provide personal information, but if you choose not to do so, we may not be able to provide you with our services because, for example, we cannot bill you for the services or send you the information you request.


We have profiles / pages in social media. When you visit these pages, such as our company page on Facebook, the social media, such as Facebook, will process your personal information and use cookies. More information about how the social media processes personal information and how they use cookies can be found in the respective social media, such as Facebook's Privacy and Cookies pages. In some cases, we may use this information through the social media to show you targeted ads.


3. What personal information do we process?

We can process personal information within the following categories:

  • Basic information, such as name, employer, job title, and contact details.
  • Demographic information, such as date of birth and gender.
  • Customer relationship information, such as order information, payment information, marketing permissions and customer support.
  • Information generated when using our digital channels, such as technical information about the device that you use when you visit our digital channels (including date and time, the type of device, operating system and browser you are using, IP addresses, screen size etc .). Read more under "Navigation Information" which describes this more thoroughly.
  • Information related to the identification and registration of a customer or user, such as information about the user's identity and password.
  • Any other information stored on the basis of your consent. In this case, you will receive specific information about what information we store and what it is used for when we request your consent.

Our digital channels are not intended for, or targeted at, children under 13 years of age. We do not consciously store information about children under 13 years old. If you think we have stored information about a child under 13, please contact us in writing so we can take appropriate action.


4. Navigation information

We use cookies and similar technologies in our digital channels. Cookies help us determine which parts of our digital channels are most popular, including which pages users visit and for how long. The information is used for example for the development and analysis of services and targeting of advertising on the internet. Read more about our use of cookies in section 9.

Log Files
Information about your device's specifications, software and your visit is automatically collected by us. This information may include, for example, your IP address, type of browser, domain name, internet service provider, files viewed (HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system, access time, and how you arrived at our digital channels.

Our website is installed on a server where all visits are stored in a visit log and an error message log where your IP address is linked to the visit and time of the visit. We do this to troubleshoot any issues, provide data to authorities in cases where a request is available, and to identify and block hacker attacks. Personal data collected on our site will be stored in a backup for up to 1 month after data is deleted. This because we depend on that could retrieve all data in case of a complete data loss.

Tracking pixels (eg Clear gifs, web beacons, web bugs)
We use tracking pixels (also called clear gifs, web beacons, web bugs) that help us improve our digital channels by telling us what content is being displayed. Tracking pixels are small graphics elements with a unique identifier, similar to the feature of cookies, and used to track the behavior of users on the web. Unlike cookies stored on the user's hard drive, tracking pixels are invisibly baked in our digital channels, or in emails. This allows us to measure the performance of our marketing activity. We connect the information we collect from emails with the customer's personal information.

We may also use third-party companies when we advertise online. These companies use cookies and tracking pixels to collect information about your activities on this and other websites to offer you targeted advertising based on your interests. If you no longer wish to receive such information for the purpose of giving you targeted ads, you can unsubscribe using this website: Keep in mind that this does not shield you of all kinds of advertisment. You will still be exposed to generic advertising.


5. How do we use your personal information?

We use information we store about you for the following purposes:


  • Delivering Services: We process personal information to provide services to you. For example, your information is processed in connection with:
    • delivery of content when you request it, such as email to a recipient who has subscribed to our newsletter or blog updates,
    • identification of customers,
    • billing and payment follow-up, and
    • support, customer service and complaint processing.
  • Development and Analysis: We process personal information to improve and further develop our services and digital channels.
  • Sales and Marketing: We use both anonymous and personal data for marketing purposes. These activities include:
    • to create segmented audiences for marketing
    • to customize and target marketing, for example by providing recommendations or targeted content in our digital channels
    • sending newsletters and other forms of direct marketing when permitted- e.g. market analysis, customer satisfaction surveys and similar
    • to "clean" contact information against the registrars of Facebook, Google and other digital actors so we can communicate with you and other users like you through these channels
  • Information Security and Abuse of Services: We process personal information to ensure security in our digital channels. We will also be able to process personal information to detect or prevent various types of abuse.
  • Compliance with statutory provisions: We process personal information to fulfill our statutory duties, eg. in connection with accounting and to provide information to the competent authority when this is imposed on us in accordance with European law.
  • Other Purposes You Have Approved: We will be able to process your personal information for any other purpose that you have specifically consented to.

We primarily deal with personal information based on consent. When processing is based on your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time by giving us notice.


6. How do we protect your information?

The protection of your personal information is a high priority for us, and we continuously work to protect personal information and other confidential information. This includes physical, technical and administrative measures, including protection of personal information, IT infrastructure, internal and public networks, as well as office buildings and technical facilities.
Our security focus also means that we regularly carry out risk assessments and review various factors such as available technology, business needs and legal requirements. This will ensure that we have adequate security measures at all times, so that we can, for example, prevent personal data from being compromised

7. Who do we provide your personal information to?

We can provide your personal information to:

  • Data Processors who work as subcontractors for us and process your information on our behalf. Such subcontractors may not use personal information for any purpose other than providing the service agreed with us. We take special precautions to make sure that the subcontractors act in accordance with these terms and UK/Norwegian privacy laws, and especially where the data processor is located in a country outside of the UK/Norway or the EU / EEA area.
  • Other parties with your consent.

We can also provide information:

  • In statutory cases, for example by order from the courts, the police or other public authorities, according to strict predefined processes.
  • In connection with business transfer, eg. as part of a merger, acquisition, sale of our assets or transfer of services to another company. In this case, you will be notified by email and / or see a notice in our digital channels about any changes in ownership, use of your personal information and choices you may have regarding your personal information.

8. How long do we store your information?

We will store your personal information as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes specified in the Terms, unless a longer storage period is imposed or permitted under law.
Personal information is stored as long as you have an active relationship with us or our digital channels, or until you ask us to forget about you and delete stored information about you. We define a relationship with us or our digital channels such as (i) being a customer of ours, (ii) agreeing to receive marketing information from us, (iii) actively requesting contact with us through social media, electronic messages or online forms, (iv) being active in our digital channels after you have given your consent. The relationship is defined as active if it has been exercised during the last 26 months.
Retention of anonymous information is not subject to such limitations or requirements. In addition, we try to ensure that personal information and other customer information is updated and correct and that we do not store any information that is unnecessary in relation to the purposes of processing personal information.


9. How do we use cookies?

We use cookies and similar technologies in our digital channels. Cookies help us determine which parts of our digital channels are most popular, including what pages users visit and for how long. The information is used, for example, for performance, development and analysis of services and targeting of advertising on the internet.
You can find updated information about how we use cookies here.
We may combine information from cookies with other information we have recorded about you and your customer relationship when permitted by applicable law or if you have given us your consent. By using our digital channels with a browser where the settings allow you to store cookies on your device, you agree to our use of cookies.
Our websites may contain links to third-party websites, products and services, including social media (such as Facebook's Social Add-ons). Third party services or third-party applications available on our websites are subject to a third party privacy statement. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with these third-party privacy practices.


10. What are your rights and choices?

You are entitled to:

  • know what information we have registered about you,
  • require incorrect or unnecessary, defective or outdated personal information to be corrected or removed,
  • withdraw or restrict any consent to process personal information that you have provided. Please be aware, however, that this may cause us to no longer deliver some of our services to you,
  • disable data collection for Google Analytics.

We are committed to conducting a responsible and sustainable business. If you believe that we do not comply with these terms or applicable law, you may appeal to us or, if necessary, to the Information Commissioner’s Office.


11. Changes to the Terms

As our business and tools evolve, we may need to update these terms. We encourage you to review the terms on a regular basis. In case of major changes, we may also try to contact you directly through available channels, such as e-mail or alerts in our digital channels.


12. How to contact us?

F24 AG, Ridlerstrasse 57, 80339 Munich, Germany is responsible for the processing of personal data in accordance with this Privacy Statement. For questions and inquiries regarding our processing of personal information, please contact us by email to our privacy representative at


13. ISO 27001

F24 Nordics AS management system was certified for the two ISO 9001 and 27001 standards in August 2015.
For F24 Nordics, ISO certification is part of our commitment to ever improving quality and safety. Everything we do about quality and safety in our products and services will benefit our customers. We strive to always provide you with the necessary security to ensure that your information is kept in an appropriate manner. At the same time, it is our responsibility to have established procedures, which in turn ensure that our obligations to each customer are met. You can feel safe as F24 Nordics 's customer.
Read more about our certifications here.

B. Terms of Use

By using our digital channels, you agree to these terms of use.

1. Permitted use

You may only use content from our digital channels for non-commercial, personal purposes, and / or to learn about F24 Nordics products and services, and solely in accordance with the terms of use.


2. Prohibited Use

By using our digital channels, you agree that you do not want to:

  • Use our digital channels in violation of these terms of use.
  • Copy, modify or imitate the work, deconstruct or disassemble the page, or otherwise attempt to detect the source code or allow a third party to do so.
  • Sell, assign, resell, distribute, exploit commercially, or otherwise transfer rights to or make available to any third party, content or services in any way.
  • Use or launch an automated system, including but not limited to: "robots", "spiders" or "offline readers" who use the page in a manner that sends multiple requests to the server for a given time period than would be reasonable to assume that a person can produce using regular online browser.
  • Use our digital channels in a way that destroys, disables, overloads or degrades channels, or interfere with other parties' use and enjoyment of the channels.
  • Mirror or include the channels in whole or in part in any other channel.
  • Attempt to get unauthorised access to our digital channels.
  • Access our digital channels in a way other than within the framework that F24 Nordics offers for accessing the channels.
  • Use our digital channels for a purpose or in a manner prohibited according to the terms.
    Any unauthorised use of the content or of the channels that may be in violation of patent, copyright, trademarks and other laws.

3. Copyright and Trademarks

Our digital channels are protected by applicable intellectual property laws and other laws, including trademark and copyright laws. Our digital channels, including all intellectual property in the channels, belong to F24 Nordics and/or its licensors. F24 Nordics has all copyright to the content. If there is no specific permission to use certain content, the content shall not be copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, performed or distributed in any way and you agree not to change, rent, borrow, sell , distribute, broadcast or create imitated work of the content on the page, in part or in its entirety, in any way. F24 Nordics 's logo and other brands used by F24 Nordics from time to time are trademarks and F24 Nordics property.

4. Information and material you register and share with us

You warrant that you have the necessary rights to any material you register or share in our digital channels and you grant us the consent to use and publish this material. You warrant that you do not intend to deceive or provide misleading information and the material you provide does not violate these Terms of Use.


5. Links to third party web pages

Links to or information about third-party sites are for your convenience only. If you use these links, you will leave our digital channels. Such links or information does not mean that F24 Nordics contributes, recommends or sponsors third party websites, or the information there. F24 Nordics is not responsible for the availability of such websites. F24 Nordics is not responsible for or committed to such webpages or the content of these. If you use the links to external pages, you will leave our digital channels and be subject to the terms of use and the privacy of these pages.

6. Downloading files

F24 Nordics cannot guarantee or accept that the files available for download via our digital channels are free from viruses or other malicious code, files, or programs.


7. Disclaimer / Limitation of Liability

F24 Nordics and our service providers, licensors and suppliers gives no guarantee for our digital channels or content suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness, security or accuracy. All information, software, products, services and graphic elements are offered "as is", without any warranty.
As far as possible within the given legislation, F24 Nordics and its service providers, licensors or suppliers under no circumstances will be held liable for any loss or damage of any kind, arising out of or in connection with use of our digital channels, whether it is based on a contract, compensation, negligence, liability, and even if F24 Nordics or any of F24 Nordics partners have been informed of the possibility of harm.

8. Repayment

You understand and agree that you are personally responsible for your own behavior in our digital channels. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold F24 Nordics , its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, licensors, employees, agents, and any third party information harmless from and against all claims, losses, expenses, damages and expenses (including, but not limited to direct, incidental, consequential and indirect damages) and realistic legal expenses as a result of or arising from the use, misuse or inability to use our digital channels or content, or any breach of these terms.